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Flex is a new way of tailoring your fitness at Sleven with a membership that can adapt and change as your goals do. The Flex Space is a premium peak time self-training experience designed to complement Sleven’s group classes or work as a stand-alone for members to train on their own terms while maintaining the community experience.

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A Flex membership will give you the ability to train on your terms but still be a part of our community – compete in Sleven organised competitions with your mates, get jiggy in socials, and much more!
The Flex Bolt-On works as an add-on to any of our memberships, giving you the ability to do a class and self-training at peak times.
If you want to go Full Flex, you’ll have access to the Flex Space from 06:00-21:00 on weekdays and 09:00-13:00 on weekends, bookable in one hour slots. Just like all our memberships, Full Flex also includes unlimited Open Gym, which gives you access to the Sleven X and 24Sleven spaces when classes aren’t running.

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Our new Flex Space will house a whole arsenal of specialist strength and CrossFit equipment, exclusive to Sleven Flex members. Expect custom racks, a variety of different add-ons, mobility kit and more!

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Sleven Flex is so much more than just open gym, it’s an ecosystem that allows you to chop and change services as your goals do. Fitness isn’t linear and your gym membership shouldn’t be either.

You will soon have the ability to Flex your membership up and down, adding and scaling down services such as classes, programming, PT, nutrition, and physio as your goals and life situation changes. Sleven Flex is a broad concept, with infinite combinations but with one singular goal – to deliver results tailored to you.

Our brand new Flex membership will continue to evolve over the coming months as we welcome you all into our new gym space. Sign up now to secure your spot either as a bolt-on to your class membership or Full Flex!

Sleven Flex

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We’ve not only moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art gym but we have also updated our website! Click below to check it out. Please note, all the information on this website is outdated including pricing.

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