Member experience has been at the heart of the process for Sleven 2.0. We have spent countless hours planning class capacities, kit requirements and athlete positioning. We are delighted to announce that Sleven has partnered with BLK BOX for all of our equipment needs. We have been incredibly impressed with BLK BOX from the get-go, everything from the premium equipment, the customer service and their fantastic customisation and personalisation options.

 Read on to find out about some of the new equipment you’ll enjoy in the brand new Sleven 2.0 – coming very soon!

Rope Climbs: Yes, that’s right, you see ropes! They’re a fantastic tool to build upper body pulling strength and develop an iron grip. With a whopping 8 ropes in the 24Sleven classes, no other class in Central London even comes close to our offering. Expect to use the them as strength work or in workouts!

Landmine Attachments: Keen observers will notice landmine attachments for all means of strength and Successories™. Landmines add a repertoire of exercises to the mix and make training more accessible and varied.

Custom Rig: The rig has been completely customised for Sleven. There are a total 32 custom wall-ball targets, specially requested galvanised steel pull-up bars for maximum grip and don’t worry, they’ll all be of varying heights for those who are vertically blessed and challenged!


Gymnastic Rings: There are a total of 20 gymnastic rings on our Sleven X rig, Ten high and ten low rings means all athletes will have an option in workouts bespoke to their ability without having to wait around for access.

Galvanised Pull-Up Bars: Have you been to other gyms and feel like you slip off the rig too easily? That’s because those gyms didn’t work with their equipment suppliers to provide the grippiest bars for their members. If you want to whack out big sets of pull-ups in the Open, you definitely don’t want to feel like you’re limited by your grip. Our pull-up bars are not on BLK BOX’s “menu”, we made a special request for these!

Custom Rig: The rig has been completely customised for Sleven. There are a total 40 custom wall-ball targets and varying height pull-up bars for those who are vertically blessed and challenged.


The selection of cardio kit at Sleven 2.0 is going to be off the charts! MetCons are going to take a peak time slot on the schedule, both morning and evening on weekdays and with four different cardio machines and park running to choose from, we expect these classes to be popular.

SkiErgs: There will be 15 (yes, you read that right!) SkiErgs fixed to the walls in both the 24Sleven and Sleven X arches. SkiErgs are a fantastic conditioning tool and we can hone in more on the stimulus of the programming.

BikeErgs: We’re introducing eight BikeErgs to Sleven. As a conditioining tool, the BikeErg is gentler than the Echo Bike and is perfect to isolate the legs – expect it programmed a lot on leg day!

Echo Bikes & RowErgs: As a staple of Sleven 1.0, this kit needs no introduction. MetCon classes will have a capacity of 24 athletes which means we’ll be able to put together some amazing workouts with a huge variety of equipment to choose from.

Park Runs: There will be no more running through the smell of deep fried chips and dodging Deliveroo scooters! As we will be adjacent to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, we’re upping the running experience at Sleven.


D-Balls: In addition to the landmines, ropes and new cardio kit, we’re introducing D-Balls to Sleven. We have ordered a wide selection of weights so that we can use them as a tool to build strength or throw them in to conditioning pieces. The D-Balls are going to be a gamechanger in varying your workouts.

Heavier DBs & KBs: DBs are getting a big upgrade and are going up to 40kg! We’re adding a few 36kg and 40kg KBs in addition to some of the big bells we already have in the back. Expect to push the limits of your strength with all the shiny new kit!

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