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This Saturday, 27 November at 12:30, Sleven is participating in a 60km run for Movember organised by the Running Room London. The 60km represents the 60 men who commit suicide every hour, globally. This event is an opportunity to come together to make a meaningful impact on men’s health, mental health and suicide prevention.

The plan is simple: Sleven’s 12 runners will join a bigger group congregating at 12:30. The Running Room is just a 15 minute walk from Sleven and from there, we’ll embark on a 5km run together around Battersea Park and back for a grand total of 60km.

We’ve created a special class on Wodify which you’ll be able to book into. This won’t count towards your attendance limit (if you have one) and if you would like to attend another class, our one class per day policy will not apply.

Coaches Nick & Emma Wilcock Fitness are IN. Can we get 10 more?!

Support Movember

If you’d like to support the Movember fundraising, you will be able to purchase a unique event running t-shirt for £20. Adrian will deliver your t-shirt to the gym on Friday afternoon.

All proceeds from the t-shirts will go towards the team fundraiser!


Location & Running Route

We’ll be meeting at the Running Room, only a 15 minute walk from Sleven. DO NOT SHOW UP AT SLEVEN!

47 Nine Elms Lane, Nine Elms, London SW11 7DH, United Kingdom

Physio Services

Sleven has partnered with The Running Room to provide physio, soft-tissue therapy, movement assessments, and/or running assessments to Sleven members.

As a Sleven member, you will benefit from a 50% discount off your first two sessions. It’s important for us that this isn’t just a refer and forget about you service. We will be working closely with Adrian and the team at the Running Room to provide the best service for the Sleven community.

If you have injured yourself, whether inside or outside of the gym, Adrian will forward a report to the coaching team (with your consent!) which details the injury and the necessary modifications and restrictions in movements for training.

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Movember Run

This Saturday, 27 November at 12:30, Sleven is participating in a 60km run for Movember organised by the Running Room London. The 60km represents the

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