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There is plenty going on at Sleven, on top of our daily programming we are hitting you daily with QUARANTEAM, Q&As, recipes, zoom classes, bingo nights and competitions! Below is a condensed schedule of ongoing events.

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Our 6 week nutrition programs have a new intake TOMORROW! Secure your spot now for the intake.

Our Six Week Nutrition Programs Include:

  • Personal Nutrition Coach
  • Accountability
  • Personalised Calories and Macros
  • Simplified Nutrition Guide
  • 3 Recipe & Meal Plan Packs 
  • pH Nutrition App Access
A lot of online plans are just one big information dump and you end up reading about things that you are nowhere near ready to take on board.

Making manageable, small changes will allow you to build momentum and not get crushed by a tsunami of stress and confusion. We have a structured plan to follow for the six weeks and clear advice on how to progress beyond this. Read more about our programs here!
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Buy 6 Week Personalised Fat Loss Program
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Buy 6 Week Personalised Strength Program
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Sleven has had an amazing turnout for the Home Alone Open and it's been fantastic seeing so many of you share videos on our Instagram! Competition at the top of the leaderboard is fierce and there are several Sleven athletes in with a good chance of the podium! Checkout the final results of WFH 4, "Core this Will Hurt" with many Sleveners peppered about in the top 10, including Dario de Zan who won the male division!

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The competition comes to a close with the final WFH, "Burning Burpees" announced this morning. Coach Jamie will be running a Zoom class tomorrow at 18:30. There will be a warm-up included and shared misery!

Thursday 9 April at 18:30

You can participate in the Home Alone Open FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 734 573 0456
Password: 711711
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Bingo Night

After the success of last week's Pub Quiz, this Friday we're hosting Bingo Night! You're in for another night of stay at home antics and we hope you know your Pokémon!

This isn't just bingo, there will be party games, quiz rounds and even races! There are QUARANTEAM points up for grabs so don't miss this opportunity to get up that leaderboard.

Friday 10 April at 19:00

You can participate in Bingo NIght FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 734 573 0456
Password: 711711
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Smoothie Saturday

Our lives have changed irrevocably for the forseeable future and we're sure you have many questions about nutrition. Tom is hosting a very informal, live Q&A on Saturday at 11AM on Zoom to answer all of your nutrition questions. Pop in to say hi, whip up a smoothie, learn something new and have a chat with your fellow Sleveners. Make sure you mute before blending!

You can make the below smoothie or if you prefer, make your own special smoothie but be sure to share the recipe in the Facebook group!

Saturday 11 April at 11:00

You can participate for FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711
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The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. We had a fantastic turnout last Sunday and we'll be running another Zoom class this Sunday at 11:00.

Registration and score submission runs for the 3 week duration of the competition so don't worry if you're late to the game! Also, you don't need to sign-up to take part in the Zoom class, everyone is welcome!

Register NOW!
Sunday 12 April at 11:00

You can participate in the Support Your Local Box WOD 1 FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 633 311 690
Password: 711711
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The deadline to submit your scores for all three workouts is Friday 24 April.


Today marks the beginning of the second week of QUARANTEAM! We've seen so many of you get involved with our final figure coming to 126 participants! We're hoping this initiative is helping you to keep your days full and more productive. The first weekly task also came to an end, reading for an hour a day, and we hope this has helped rekindle a lost love for reading for many of you. Our new weekly task is mobility, everyone's favourite! With all the extra sitting down we're doing, taking some time in the middle of the day to mobilise will serve you well.

The competition at the top of the leaderboard has been fierce. Our week 1 winner and not coincidentally, Sleven Pub Quiz Champion is Niall Sheehy! Niall has been incredible, taking part in everything from zoom classes, cooking up a storm in his kitchen or just providing general banter. Let's see what his bingo skills are like!

We have plenty in store for you this week from fitness related activities, to nutrition and a few surprises up our sleeves!

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