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Welcome to our weekly nutrition newsletter! Every Sunday, we will update you on everything nutrition related at Sleven. Our partners, pH Nutrition have been hard at work creating exclusive content for you and we hope that you can benefit from the information we provide!
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Many of you will be wondering why we tasked you with tracking macros as part of QUARANTEAM this morning. Knowing what you're eating and how much you should eat is crucial in taking control of your nutrition. With the added time at home, this is the perfect time to get your nutrition dialled in. Our personalised Six Week Nutrition Program will help you achieve your goal whether it's fat loss or strength and it starts this Thursday!

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Buy 6 Week Personalised Fat Loss Program
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Buy 6 Week Personalised Strength Program

Our six week programs will provide you with the following:

Personal Nutrition Coach - Tom is not someone that you just check in with and get generic praise from. He will help you navigate obstacles that would have previously caused you to give up in frustration and constantly empower you with the kind of knowledge that puts you in the driver’s seat of your diet. Under normal circumstances, Tom is at the box a few days a week to help keep you accountable and answer any questions or concerns you have face-to-face. During the lock-down period, he will be communicating with you via emails, WhatsApp and video calls.

Accountability - This is one of the key areas in making progress with your nutrition. We use a mixture of our app, email and your check-ins with Tom to ensure you stay on track.

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Personalised calories and macros - We provide the framework and you personalise the details to make your diet fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can customise everything from your calories to your meal timings. We have recently added automatic recipe calculations as well so no more trying to figure out how much you should be eating to hit your targets

Simplified nutrition guide -  Our easy to follow nutrition guide will ensure you start your program on the right foot and answer any initial questions you have to ensure you experience zero uncertainty at the start of your journey.

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3 Recipe & Meal Plan Packs - For the times you struggle with inspiration or feel like the pressure of decision making is too much you can refer to these packs that come complete with MyFitnessPal barcodes (no more entering a million ingredients in!)

pH Nutrition App Access - It’s nice to have some data to track your progress alongside how you are feeling and performing. Our app provides you with a one-stop-shop of progress checking so you can make sure you are on the road to progress.

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Our step-by-step six week program is designed for those who perform any kind of functional fitness. It is delivered through our app and we drip feed the program so you are not overwhelmed at any point!

That’s a real issue with a lot of online plans, they are just one big information dump and you end up reading about things that you are nowhere near ready to take on board.

Making manageable, small changes will allow you to build momentum and not get crushed by a tsunami of stress and confusion. We have a structured plan to follow for the six weeks and clear advice on how to progress beyond this!

Buy 6 Week Personalised Fat Loss Program
Buy 6 Week Personalised Strength Program

Morning Coffee with Tom

Our lives have changed irrevocably for the forseeable future and we're sure you have many questions about nutrition. Tom will host a live Q&A on Saturday 11 April at 11AM on Zoom to answer all of your burning nutrition questions. Log in to say hi, learn something and have a chat with your fellow Sleveners. There will be no working out!

Morning Coffee with Tom
Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711

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Boredom Eating

It is very important to try and distinguish between hunger signals. If you can be aware of your triggers, it makes it easier to put in a strategy to deal with these.

We have all had to deal with boredom eating more recently and although there is not a simple answer here are a few tips that may help:
5 Tips to Deal with Boredom Eating
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Q&A with Liam

In case you missed it on Thursday, we've got a fantastic Q&A with Liam where he answers some hot topics!

  • Boredom Eating
  • Alcohol
  • Adjusting Calories & Macros
  • Tips on Planning Meals
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