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Let's be honest here, lockdown is beginning to drag! We've not only noticed this ourselves, personally, but in the enthusiasm and engagement of the membership and it's completely expected. The days seem to merge together, any novelty has worn off and we're all craving social interaction, outdoor activities and especially, getting back to the gym! We've reached out to every member personally and we're seeing a common trend: either work has become exponentially busier, as the business you're in switches online, or you have nothing to do! We worry mostly about those of you with nothing to do so please do reach out to us if you are feeling hopeless,lonely or fancy a chat. We are here to help! 

Boris's address on Sunday gave us some idea of the timescale for a reopening of the gym and it looks as though the earliest that we will be able to reopen is July and that is the best case scenario. This is all we know right now as gym owners and as soon as we know anything further, in terms of timescale or the nature and extent of any restrictions on how we operate after reopening, we will be sure to update you. With the gym closed we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, finishing the refurbishment of the gym, maintaining kit and making plans for a socially distanced reopening. Expect the gym to be spotless and ready for the new world that we have ahead of us upon your return!
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Assuming a reopening in early July, Sleven is about half-way through the lockdown which means we have a tough road ahead. So many of you are keeping fit with TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN and we have welcomed new members and a significant new social media following during the lockdown period. QUARANTEAM has been a resounding success, keeping you engaged mentally, physically and socially and while not all of you have been involved 100% of the time, we recognise that we have given you ideas and impetus to stay busy and improve your lives.

With a clearer roadmap of times ahead, we are keen to share some news about initiatives we have planned until our grand reopening. We are looking ahead to June when we expect parts of the economy to kick back into action with many of you returning to work. We are going to bring QUARANTEAM to an end on the 27th of May, meaning just two weeks remain to move up the leaderboard and nab our amazing prizes (more on that below)! We also plan to add some regular Zoom classes and workshops in June as some of you get back to work and try to add structure back into your lives. Lastly, we’re going to run a virtual in-house partner competition from June, so stay tuned for exciting news about that!

Nick, Tim & Loz
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Week 7 of QUARANTEAM starts today and we now have a set end to the challenge: the 27th of May! Our winner will be decided by the most adherent participant on Wodify Rise. If we have several winners, the coaches will decide the winner based on community spirit. Have you helped others? Have you shown off your masterpiece, macro friendly recipe on Instagram? Did you reach out to others in times of need?

That being said, we will have one QUARANTEAM winner and prizes are:

  • Free month's membership at the end of your current plan and if you're not on a membership, your last month free on a 6 or 12 month 3x per week or unlimited membership
  • Whey’d prize package
  • 5 days delivered Fresh Fitness Food
  • Sleven Snapback and T-shirt/vest
  • Case of Nocco & box of Barebells bars
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Each of our weekly challenges so far has been focused on fitness (go running, double-unders, mobility), lifestyle (learning a new skill, reading) or nutrition/health (give something up). This week, we've decided to put all of that to one side and just have some fun!

For our 7 Day Song Challenge, each day, we'll ask you to share your favourite song for a given prompt. Easy! The daily prompts are shown below, so you can get thinking.

Make sure that you tag us in your Instagram story - but remember that if you are playing the song in your story, we will be unable to repost it!

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We had several entries for this week's cooking challenge: beef & lentil bolognese including a new entry from Rick Taft! We'll let you, the public decide who made the most appealing dish!

Please make sure you tag 🤳 @slevencrossfit in anything QUARANTEAM related, it's a great way to keep everyone in touch and see what our Sleven family is up to!

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Smoothie Saturday is now Cook Along with Tom! We will be pulling recipes from a book we love, Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients which makes shopping and meal prepping simple while also giving you inspiration to cook some delicious recipes.

This week we've chosen a nice and simple recipe to start with: Hoisin Chicken Lettuce Cups. You only need the five ingredients listed above and the prep couldn't be simpler! This is a fantastic low carb recipe for those of you who are training a little less but want to keep your protein intake up. You can also batch cook the chicken ahead of time and then build your meal on the day!

Directions: Serves Two

  1. Put a pan on high heat.
  2. Cut the mango into 1cm cubes.
  3. Scrunch the mango stone over a bowl to extract the pulp and juice and mix with the hoisin sauce.
  4. Divide the sauce into two pots.
  5. Pound the chicken breasts down with your fists until they are equal thickness throughout.
  6. Cover with 15ml of olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and cook.
  7. Trim the lettuce and snip the cress.
  8. Once cooked, slice up the chicken.
  9. Assemble your wraps and enjoy!
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Cook Along with Tom on Saturday

11:00 16th May on Zoom

Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711
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This British Hero WOD is dedicated to Lcpl Jordan Bancroft (25) Duke of Lancashire Regiment, who was shot in Afghanistan on 21/08/10. Also dedicated to Ishwor Gurung, Darren Foster Remand Kulung, Lt John Sanderson Lsgt Dale McCallum and Mne Adam Brown who died in the same month.

Coach Jamie will be hosting a Zoom session at 11:00 on Sunday 10 May with an appropriate warm-up, scaling options and strategies. We'll be posting demo videos on Saturday night so don't worry if you don't know how to perform an american KB swing!

Hero WOD Sunday with Coach Jamie
Sunday 17 May at 11:00

You can participate for FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 889 5308 1416
Password: 711711
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