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COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

If you missed our mailers this week, we sent out an updated COVID-19 Measures on Monday and an informative FAQ yesterday. Catch up if you've been out of the loop!

Home Workouts

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In the event that we have to close the gym, we will post daily programmes for our members to do at home. If we see a major increase in the number of our members self-isolating, or the situation changes, we may bring forward the posting of home programming. There are thousands of gyms and personal trainers posting home workouts. However, we wanted to provide members with a programme that will allow maintenance and development of strength and mobility as well as a conditioning piece.

Our programme will comprise: 

  • SLEVEN Successories: Functional body building style home workouts that will serve as your strength training. Think all the successory stuff we already do but in place of kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, we will be using bands for resistance. We will film any unusual or technical movements and post to our MetCon programme each day. To get the most out of your training, we recommend getting some bands (we have included a link to some suitable ones below) but if you already have weights or kit at home, you can use those too. We suggest getting a small circle band set and resistance bands. If you only buy one resistance band, we recommend red or black as this will be the most versatile. We recommend buying these bands or similar online NOW so you when we're all in isolation, you don't miss out on the gains!
  • WFH: WOD From Home! We're going to get good at push-ups, air squats, burpees and sit-ups! Make sure you have your skipping rope at home as we will be including dubs in these workouts. If you don't have one yet, buy your very own made to measure Sleven branded SGF speed rope at the gym!
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Buy Small Circle Resistance Band Set
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Buy Resistance Band (Red or Black)

SLEVEN Super Saturday

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Due to the ongoing crisis, unfortunately, the Norwegians have had to cancel their travel plans. Further, we have just received news that the Yard Games have been postponed until further notice. So we have downgraded Super Saturday to a regular Saturday! We are conscious that many of you will be eager to train and with the numbers now limited to 10 in a class, we are reducing the MetCon class to 45 minutes and adding a second one to allow more members the opportunity to train.

The classes are available to book on Wodify now!

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Victory Grips are Here!

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Since we introduced Victory Grips to the Sleven Shop, you have been ripping significantly less and as a result, your training has benefitted markedly. Many have found the grips to be a revelation! We now have three finger Stealth grips in varying sizes for both men and women in stock which we will measure and fit for you at the gym.

Grips cost £50 and will be a gamechanger for your training!

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