Month: March 2020


COVID-19 has produced the most unprecedented and unimaginable circumstances, interrupting our lives, routines, social interaction and daily habits – and we don’t know for how long! We believe that the best chance for us to remain happy, fit and healthy through this period of confinement is by helping and supporting each other and getting through it together. We’re launching SLEVEN QUARANTEAM to help keep you busy, with daily and weekly activities and to provide a way to keep the Sleven community engaged as one team through our quarantine!

A Note from Tim & Nick

In the space of two weeks, our lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined a month ago. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, financier, consultant, musician, actor, chef or computer programmer, your life has irrevocably changed. We created Sleven to be a home from home, with our membership from all over the world, we’re proud to be your London family. Social distancing and self-isolation has put a dagger into the heart of Sleven, our community.

Home Alone Open

If you thought that competition was a thing of the past in these stay-at-home, gym’s closed times….think again! Our friends and partners at Whey’d are bringing us the Home Alone Open.


TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN is our at home, online strength & conditioning programme to keep you moving, even if you’re stuck in a tiny urban flat, wherever you are in the world! We have produced a library of videos to show how to perform the less common, more technical movements to help you navigate your way through each day’s programme. The full details of these workouts will be posted on Wodify and Instagram each evening at 20:00 GMT for the following day.


We announced updated measures yesterday in an effort to minimise the risk of Coronavirus at Sleven. If you missed it, you can read that here.

We appreciate that there’s huge uncertainty at the moment and so we’ve compiled an FAQ to try and address some of the questions that you may have.

Updated COVID-19 Measures

We hope you are managing to stay calm, healthy and continue as best you can in such an uncertain time. We’re keeping a close eye on developments so far as the impact of coronavirus is concerned. We will refine our approach in line with developments and make regular updates to all members.

Newsletter 11 March 2020

Last Day to Sign-Up for our Personal Nutrtion Program!

Our 6 week programs have a new intake TOMORROW! Secure your spot for the 12th March intake. The reason we start on a Thursday is simply to onboard you over 3 days and not overwhelm you. This makes it easier to plan and get set up over the weekend.

Newsletter 4 March 2020

The winner of the Sleven pH Nutrition Challenge is Jamie Brunsdon! We had several contenders but Jamie’s hard work and dedication in the kitchen and in the gym set her apart from the others and her results are clear for all to see.


We’ve not only moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art gym but we have also updated our website! Click below to check it out. Please note, all the information on this website is outdated including pricing.

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